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 Purpose of the Senate

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PostSubject: Purpose of the Senate   Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:33 am

Similar to real life, the senate's purpose will be to debate and pass laws. Since Iburg City doesn't have states, each senator will represent an organization (and each organization will be limited to two senators).

For a law to be passed there must be atleast 5 votes (for now) with atleast 50% voting for the passing of the bill within the senate AND the house of representatives.

If a bill has made it through both parties, it will be sent to 'me' (I haven't come up with what rank I should be. President seems a bit much). I will have the ability to veto laws.

If a law is veto'ed it will be resent to the Senate and the House where in order for the law to pass it must have above 66% in order for the bill to pass.

After a bill has gone through me and has been approved or my veto pushed, then the judicial branch will see if it conflicts with existing laws or the natural laws of RP (IT WILL NOT BE THEIR PERSONAL OPINION).

If it goes through the judicial branch successfully then it will be approved and accepted into our current laws/rules.
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Purpose of the Senate
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