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 ARP Items table glitch fixed.

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PostSubject: ARP Items table glitch fixed.   Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:52 pm

For whatever reason, there was a glitch with the items table (resulting in about 14,000 lines being present; much of it being duplicate entries) forcing me to empty the table before forcing uniqueness on the steam id/item name field and reimporting (after realizing using notepad to edit individual lines out would take a year excluding the fact that notepad kept freezing). In any case, the bug is now fixed and there are only 400 entries now. This should cause a large speed boost to the database and any program accessing data from it (the current size is only ~2.9% of what it used to be). If anyone is missing an item all together or a large quantity of it, feel free to alert me so I may restore a value originally present in the older database.

It is possible this could have caused bugs with certain plugins though it is not too likely for this to have greatly impacted plugins not interacting with the items table of the database.

On the side, our old forums came back up. However because these are already setup and simply better overall, we will be staying here. If anyone needed posts from the old forums I suggest retrieving them and posting them here (e.g. application formats, character bios, etc).
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PostSubject: Re: ARP Items table glitch fixed.   Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:23 am

Old fourms are good Very Happy
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ARP Items table glitch fixed.
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