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PostSubject: Application   Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:17 pm

Sorry, I originally posted this application as a response to the application format.

Name: Karl Marx
RP Age: 24
Position Applying For: Hitman
Is this your primary RP server?: Yes
How long have you been in TSRP?: Approximately 1.5 years.
Time of day you most likely will be in TSRP: 3-6 PM PST.
SteamID: Demonhunter04

SD Questions:

Experience in this area: I almost always play RP as a hitman or weapons dealer.
What type of hitman are you?: I prefer to kill targets from a safe place, which is usually at long range. However if an opportunity arises I have no problems with killing them in close range.
Preferred Weapon: Raging Bull, SMGs, M4, M16.
What do you do if you're assisting a robbery and the building is surrounded by cops?: When I assist robberies i generally stay on a rooftop outside of the store being robbed, and I fire upon the police (Not always to kill, just to distract them) and the robber usually gets away because the police are focused on me.
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