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 Il Russotto Famiglia

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PostSubject: Il Russotto Famiglia   Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:36 pm

Name Of Orginization: Russotto Famiglia

Your Name: Luco Russotto

Steam ID: Steam_0:1:1466951

Current Job: Unemployed

Backround: There is no organization history for i have just made it up but i will write a short story. The Russotto Family started out small in Sicily in 1903 in order to keep their neighborhood safe from thieves and murderers as there had been many thefts and killings within the past few weeks. It started out with the I fratelli di tre (Brothers of three) who called themselves the that within the beginning but began using their last name for more recognition, As time went by more close relatives began to join up until about 1950 after Alessandro had passed away and a civil war had broken out between the 2 remaining brothers, Cristoforo and Luco which ended up with Luco slaying his brother. After Cristoforo's death the supporters on his side had left the Russotto Family and have immigrated to Italy. In 1979 a man was born by the name Rocco Russotto, descending blood from the original tri and he too immigrated away from his home land of italy and ventured into Germany where he's brought his ways of living and culture, But he lives by what he knows and he's in attempt to start the Russotto Famiglia.

The End.

Job Ranks:
Capo Crimini/capo de tutti capi (super boss/bosses of bosses) Pay - 45 - Source of income - He provides his money from the Loan Sharking Interest, The Hijacking of Trucks and the Selling of Illegal items, And also high stake robbery's

Consigliere (adviser/family counselor) - pay - 35 - Source of Income - All Cash is revealed from the Capo

Capo Bastone (underboss, 2nd in command) - pay - 30 - Source of income- Gets 25% on everything done

Contabile (financial adviser) - pay - 25 - Source of income- Gets interest from the Capo for financing our money

Capodecima (lieutenant, typically heads a faction of 10 or more soldiers comprising a "crew") - pay - 25 - Source of income- Any Dealings on the street go to him

Sgarrista (a foot soldier who carries out day to day business of the family. A "made" member of the mafia) - pay - 20 - Source of income- Get's paid from his Caporegime

Piciotto (lower-ranking soldiers; enforcers. Also known in the streets as the "button man") - pay - 15 - Source of income- Get's paid from his Caporegime

Giovane D'Honore (Mafia associate, typically a non-Sicilian or non-Italian member) - pay - 5 - Source of income- Get's Paid 5 Because he is not a trusted man but he's Actually in the Mafia and Considering it.

How Will Your Org Help The Community: We bring some old aspects of a typical mafioso family and we'll bring new aspects of an actual different front, We will be doing loan sharking, Gambeling on races and other competitions, Drug dealing along with alcohol dealing, We will offer protection of people and we will offer a service, for a minimal fee, to 'Rough' people up and not kill them but hurt them pretty badly and scare them.

What Will Your Org Do: Our main mission is to take the underworld over without getting noticed much, of course underground we will be noticed but above ground we will all have normal jobs and our front will not be a typical Italian diner but it shall be a Taxi business or even a repairman business, I'm not really decided quite yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Il Russotto Famiglia   Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:30 pm

Looks pretty good, You can up the pay. Looks like the std. Italian mob, but me dont have one so I dont mind. And the app. Isnt bad either.
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Il Russotto Famiglia
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