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 Ryan Kyndrid (outdated)

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PostSubject: Ryan Kyndrid (outdated)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:40 pm

(this is going to be how I choose to do this, you can do it however)

Name: Ryan Kyndrid

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Ethnicity: American, pure and true

Height: 6' 3''

Weight: 198 lb.

Eye color: Blue

Distinguishable features:Usually has a very light beard and mustache, as a result of forgetting to shave in the morning quite often. After closer inspection, you can tell one ear is slightly larger than the other.

General info (IE. how he acts, what he like to do, hobbies and such): He's an occasional smoker, enjoys going to firing ranges to test out his guns, and improve his already great aptitude with them. He's a businessman, pure and simple, and he prides himself on not (what he calls) "beating around the bush". He does not blind himself from the world, and is willing to help those who come to him to a certain degree. He's always willing to crack a joke here or there to lighten the mood however. He has of a sense of experience about him, and seems very collected.

Biography/history: At the age of 23, Ryan quickly was thrown into the world of black market dealings. He worked for company called Apex, as far as he knew, they were simply a business, a general store of sorts, selling goods to everyday people.

However one day, he stumbled upon a large supply of drugs and guns while going into the storage to collect some things that needed to be restocked. As he was looking around, he was caught by an armed guard, and was brought before the actual owner of the business.

The owner in fact let him join the business, running simple errands for his superiors. However, after only a year working for the real Apex, he had received many promotions and became one of the actual salesmen, which he found he excelled at. Within the short time of two years, Ryan, now 26 had already successfully sold over 400,000 dollars worth of, more crafty goods.

Still not satisfied with his earnings, he looked to gaining more power, and soon became one of the top dealers in the entire business. Within the next four years Ryan gained contacts, made money, and get more customers than ever before. Soon realizing how powerful he had become inside the world of the black market, the owner ordered him to be dismissed of all rights in the business, in a most bloody fashion, for fear that he may be surpassed by Ryan very soon.

The hit appeared on Ryan's front door step, and caught him completely off guard. However, Ryan managed to escape with his life, and with only a few bullet wounds. He quickly got to the safest hospital he could, and laid low just long enough for his body to heal. During this few month period, he called up his contacts, talked to his trusted customers, and pieced together a way to get back at the business.

Within a week of getting out of the hospital, Ryan was back to work again, getting up money by himself, still with one supplier willing to work with him. He made enough money to call up a hit, this time with more than just one group, he called every contact he had. Many where unwilling to help him in this endeavor he had planned, but with a few words and promises, he quickly got a small army ready to sweep out Apex's feet from beneath them.

The next year and a half was chaos for Apex, with mysterious hit men taking out every of the business top dealers, and soon Apex was left with very little to work with other than his guards and the owners closest men. The owner quickly realized what had been happening to his business, but had very little to work with. All it took was a few words with the owner, and Ryan, now 32, seized the business.

Still working to get it back on it's feet, Ryan has re-established contact with his suppliers, and started selling again, trying to gain more connections than ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Kyndrid (outdated)   Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:58 pm

Good stuff
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Ryan Kyndrid (outdated)
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