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 The Containment Division description and application

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PostSubject: The Containment Division description and application   Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:47 pm

The Containment Division (CD) - A Big part of EvoTech Industries. The Containment Division is in charge of security and enforcement of EvoTech. Protection is very important; Since EvoTech is a multi Billion dollar industry providing protection is extremely important. The Research and Development division must be safe and secure at all times. The Containment Division must make sure no data is stolen or destroyed unless told otherwise. Besides protection the Containment Division is in charge of "clean up". In the case that there is a "mishap" the CD must take care of it at all costs. Anything involved in the problem must be destroyed. The CD must listen to the Research and Development division and carry out tasks for them. Protecting the industry is the number one priority.

Requirements - The standards for the CD division are extremely high. Itís not easy to get in; you have to have what it takes. A person wishing to join must have various skills. A person must be able to make quick decisions, be an effective and skilled shooter with various weapons, master close combat skills, be physically fit, be able to take orders and obey them no matter what the cost.

Testing - People wishing to join must be tested over and over on various things. Physical and non physical tests. These tests are designed to make a person fail. Physical tests include, Target shooting, quick aiming, item work, stunting practice and physical fitness. Other tests include interviews, examinations and discussions.

Application Format - Name:
Current Job:
Steam ID:
Weapons Experience:
Preferred Weapon:
Desired Job:
Reason for Joining:
How will you help EvoTech:
Would you be able to perform any task without question:
If given the choice to take a life or save one, which would you choose:
Do you have a positive or negative outlook on life:
Would you put yourself before others or others before yourself:
Do you take risks, if so why:
Do you believe in Fate, if so why:
What goals do you wish to accomplish by joining EvoTech:
How can EvoTech help you:
Questions for me:
Good Luck
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The Containment Division description and application
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